Rawley Fowler

Hi, I'm Rawley, a Software Engineer from rural Saskatchewan, Canada. I specialize in Perl, and Go development, tackling all areas of the software life cycle. I also like to dabble in Pure Functional languages. At work I develop microservices using Java, SpringBoot, and PostgreSQL. I'm passionate about software performance, functional programming, and making programs safer. If you have a position that you think I'd like (especially focusing on Perl, or Go), please feel free to email me. Outside of my professional work, I spend a lot of time contributing to open-source projects. You may or may not have used some of them :)


The following are technologies that I can confidently say I am good at.

Programming Languages

Perl Go Raku (Perl 6) OCaml Haskell Java PlpgSQL

Operating Systems

FreeBSD GNU/Linux OpenBSD NetBSD


Docker Docker Compose PostgreSQL MySQL AWS RabbitMQ CouchDB Podman


I've been a Software Engineer for around 3 years. I've been contributing to open-source for even longer.

Farm Credit Canada (FCC): Software Developer Consultant. Jan 2023 - Present

Designing, developing, and maintaining a large array of SpringBoot microservices to modernize core customer and lending business functions. Maintenance on a multi-million line of code Java 7 monolith, including migrating code to new microservices.

Mollusc Labs: Sole Proprietor. Jun 2023 - Present

A small business that I am sole-proprietor of. This business exists to allow me to build software in my spare-time and license it under an organization. When taking solo contracts I also use this business as the business name at which the work is being completed by.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic: Instructor. May 2023 - Jun 2023

Instructed a single class during the summer semester at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. This class covered Docker, Software Performance, Docker Compose, and the basics of Software Architecture. Students in the end had to develop and deploy a microservice using Docker and a technology of their choice, which was then benchmarked on the last day of class.

Dev-Pro Consulting: Instructor. Jun 2022 - Jan 2023

Worked on various internal projects at Dev-Pro including re-designing from the ground-up, a major internal product, using WebSockets and Angular 14 features. Daily work consisted of developing with Angular, Java, and PostgreSQL, and deploying through an internal Jenkins CI/CD platform.


Saskatchewan Polytechnic: Computer Systems Technology. Sept 2021 - Jun 2023

Took a 2 year diploma to upgrade my skills, this included courses in Azure Cloud, Advanced Database Management, and ended with a capstone project using .NET, Vue.js, Docker, Pusher, Heroku, AWS RDS and PostgreSQL.

University of Regina: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Sept 2020 - Jun 2021

Studied various mathematical concepts (mostly Linear Algebra, and Calculus), ultimately did not finish due to extraneous circumstances. Hoping to have the time one day to complete this degree.

Links: rawleyfowler@proton.me > GitHub > Mollusc Labs
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