Welcome to Rawley.xyz!

Hey, I'm Rawley, a Software Engineer from Canada. I specialize in Raku, OCaml, C++ and Perl development, but I'm not scared to try new things. Most of my non-work focus is in Programming Language theory, Compilers, and Developer tooling. You can checkout what I've made on my github. I regularly contribute to the Raku ecosystem via open-source libraries, documentation, and IRC.

Currently I'm employed as a Consultant at Dev-Pro Consulting, and I consult for Farm Credit Canada, doing mostly Java and TypeScript. If you have a position or project (especially around OCaml, Raku, or Perl) that you think might fit me, please send me an email, don't be scared!! I also, like to teach developers about various programming paradigms, some of my best experiences have been teaching Functional Programming to traditionally OOP developers. Teaching how to avoid falling into technical group-think is another passions of mine, especially considering the state of our industry.

Outside of work and Open-Source, I like to work on my house, hangout with my wife, and read. I mostly read Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, but I'll never say no to a good software or hardware book. You can checkout my bookshelf to see what I've read. I try to update it as frequently as possible, I'd like to expand it to every book I've ever read, but that will take some time.

If you need to contact me please send me an email at rawleyfowler@proton.me



Overall I have 3 years experience writing software (excluding school). 3 years in Open-Source with 1 year inside of that in the industry.

Sask Polytechnic May 2023 - Present

Casual Instructor

Dev-Pro Consulting (Consulting for Farm Credit Canada) Jan 2023 - Present

Software Developer Consultant

Dev-Pro Consulting (Internal Development) Jun 2022 - Jan 2023

Junior Software Developer


These are things that I can confidently say I am good at.

Operating Systems

OpenBSD GNU/Linux FreeBSD

Programming Languages

OCaml Raku Perl Clojure C C++ TypeScript Bash Java Haskell


Git Docker Fez CPAN Cmake Node.js Make PostgreSQL MySQL vsftpd NGiNX httpd (OpenBSD)



A simple, fun-to-write, functional web-framework for Raku.


A super fast JSON parser binding for Raku using simdjson and C++.


Client/Server implementation of the Gemini protocol for Raku.


Distribution builder for Raku with C++ interop via FFI. Allowing C++ to be compiled via Cmake at Raku compile time, then injected into Raku programs via Foreign Function Interface.


A simple in-memory database written in OCaml with it's own query language MQL (mamml query language), that focuses on fast CRUD operations, and JSON.


Slug encoding library with the goal to be as simple, and efficient as possible. Written in Clojure.

I have over 100 contributions to a variety of open-source projects. If you want to see those, once again, please checkout my github.