Lest we forget.

Tomorrow is remembrance day. Remembrance day is a day for us to pray and thank the brave men and women who have dedicated their life to freedom, and to protecting Canada. This includes the heroes who have paid the ultimate price, have served at one point, or are actively serving today. I encourage every person in Canada to participate in this years moment of silence, and if you can, be present at a local memorial to view the laying of the wreaths. My heart goes out this year to the family of Joseph Hildebrand, who after 2 tours in Afghanistan, volunteered in June to join Ukraine in defense of their homeland. Unfortunately, Joseph was killed a few days ago. His ability to face adversity and fight for freedom is extremely admirable, he serves as an example of what men should strive to be. Thank you Joseph, for your service. Rest in peace. This remembrance day I will also be praying for the brave men and women in Ukraine who against all odds are defending the place they call home.

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has announced that he would be skipping remembrance day this year. Not only is that not shocking, seeing as he‘s been the most spineless prime minister in the last 3 decades, but he‘s also continuing to divide Canada. Our prime minister thinks a business trip is worth more than the lives of thousands of Canadians. This showing (or lack thereof) will be remembered by Canadians who are actually proud of our country. God bless Canada, and god bless the brave heroes that keep us safe and free.