Librehouse log [1]

Hey folks. I‘ve got some exciting news to share about Librehouse! The vast majority of the sites backend seems to be working well. Opium as a frameworkhas quite a few less features than I once thought, but I‘ve managed todesign solutions for some of the holes in its API. Namely, sessions and CSRF middleware. This added a little more tax on me to meet my goal for this log.I also, switched my main machine to FreeBSD between last log and now (I alsomoved into my new house). So I should have a lot more time to get some moremajor progress in on this project.

Going forward

I‘ll be working more on the frontend side of Librehouse, this will include things like login and sign-up pages, views for posts and comments, and a prototype view for the users profile. While working on these I hope to be able to create a style-guide for the project without it being too bloat/flat. I really hate the look of the modern web, so don‘t expect it to have "Material" design. Anyways, I also setup the domain for Librehouse, and setup the server. You can check it out here (not much to see yet).

I will be open sourcing the app next Sunday (November, 20th, 2022). This is going to happen regardless of the state of the app. Thanks for tuning in for this weeks log!

Quote of the Week: I got tired of people complaining that it was too hard to use UNIX because the editor was too complicated. -- Bill Joy, the creator of vi

Aside: Sort of funny how that turned out. Most people now complain that Vim is too hard. Imagine their face if they tried to use ed.