Librehouse log [0]

Hey folks. Over the past few weeks in my spare time i‘ve been working on an Open Source image-board/forum/reddit-thing with the goal of making it freely available to the public. The idea is named "Librehouse" and will serve as an open place for people to talk about FOSS technology. The site will feature a fully hashed login (all of your info will be hashed), a light reputation system to stop illegal posters, and a straight early 2000‘s design. User‘s can create threads/posts but need to earn a little bit of reputation to make threads/comments with images. Each thread will be accompanied by a english, on-topic discussion with 0 rules against what you can say outside of it being on topic (let‘s coexist).

The Technology

Librehouse is a monolithic OCaml application using Opium, and Esy, running on my OpenBSD Server (2 CPUs, 8gb RAM). It‘s persisting data to a PostgreSQL database, and cached on a refreshing Redis instance. The system will sit behind an NGiNX reverse proxy, and should be able to simply and efficiently vertically scale if needed later. I may even look into load-balancing 2 instances of it across some of my other servers if needed.


Pretty much every site for nerds is either 1: closed-source, or 2: dead. Lainchan is probably the only remaining tech site that is worth browsing in your spare time, but even then the feeling of community is kind of lost with it‘s anonymity, plus posting is fairly slow, most threads last years. 4chan /g/ is closed source so it‘s out of the picture too. Don‘t even get me started on (((reddit))). Other sites have started up to try to fill this void, but they‘re all written by people trying to clone lainchan or /g/, and end up just living in their shadow. Without any innovation how can they expect to make any difference. This is where Librehouse is winning, we‘re trying to implement a tighter sense of community, while still keeping it open-source, with inspiration from /g/ and lainchan. I hope this project will give technology savvy folks a nice new place to hangout.

Going forward

It‘ll probably be 2-3 weeks before this thing is ready to be open sourced, I‘ve got a majority of the application layed out, but its far from ready. In the mean time, I‘m moving into a new house that‘s almost completely off the grid, and hope to be able to draw more inspiration from my new surroundings. Thanks for reading folks.

If you‘re interested in helping out, in the next log i‘ll include my new email address and PGP key. I‘ll be leaving the dreaded gmail universe soon, and running my own email server.

Quote of the Week: The rule of thumb that I now live by, is that if I have a decision to make, I will always take the route that makes me more independent. -- Luke Smith