3 Hardcore Bands I've Been Into Recently

Recently, I've been really getting into some newer Hardcore bands, so I thought I'd compile a few of the bands so I can easily share them with my friends and family. If you're not really into hardcore, these bands may seem a little violent and loud, but give it a shot, you never know what you might like. :)

1. Drain

Drain is a relatively new band that released their debut album just before COVID-19. Fortunatley, they managed to survive, and are planning to release a new album sometime this year (2022). My favorite track by far is "Feel The Pressure" from California Cursed.


SUNAMI debuted in 2019 with their single "DEMONSTRATION", SUNAMI hits really hard with aggressive beats, and even more aggressive vocals. Their shows are insanely violent and full of hardcore moshing. I love the rash political nature in their music, sometimes it feels like the vocals are from a hip-hop or trap song! My favorite track is "Contempt of Cop" from their single DEMONSTRATION.

3. Cancer Bats

The Bats have been around for quite some time, however somehow they've never released a song to my knowledge that I don't like. Their new album "Psychic Jailbreak" was just released in April, and they have never sounded better. Unfortunately their guitarist and founding member left for personal reasons before the album, however, their new pickup from Fever333, Stephen Harrison has payed dividends on this new record. My favorite track from their new record is "Radiate". If you're in the Canadian Hardcore scene and haven't heard of Cancer Bats, you must be living under a rock. They tour regularly so make sure you check them out if they come to your region. Extra: my favorite song ever by Cancer Bats is "Winterpeg".

If you're into Hardcore and want to discover some new bands, please for the love of god checkout hate5six they're constantly gathering epic live footage from shows all around the states and sometimes Canada. Without them it would have been hard for me to discover a lot of smaller bands that have yet to make it outside of the United States, or other countries. Thanks for reading, and keep on keeping on.

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