M&B Warband mods with WSE on Linux


I have used Linux exclusively for the past year which has been an absolutely amazing experience. However, I had the itch to play Mount & Blade: Warband recently because of an update to my favorite modification for the game: Warsword Conquest. Unfortunately, this mod unlike most requires the use of the Warband Script Extender tool; a community made tool that lets modders of the game take better advantage of the game engine and in turn create more advanced modifications. WSE is compiled specifically for Windows machines so configuring it correctly on Linux is quite the chore, however I have found a way to make it work. Hopefully this post will help others configure WSE correctly.

Install the requisites

Firstly you're going to want to install Wine (yeah, unfortunately we have to use wine), then you're going to want to install Wine-Tricks. On my system that looks like:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install wine winetricks
Then you want to install DirectX9 for your wine configuration. Do that by running:


Inside of the window that shows up you'll want to select "Install a Windows DLL or component" then find d3dx9, and install it.

Installing WSE

Now that we have the pre-requisites installed, you can install Warband Script Enhancer from here. Once you have WSE downloaded, navigate to the directory you have Wabrand Installed to, make sure you have the Windows version of the game installed, if you're on steam that means you'll have to install it forcing the use of Proton. Then, simply copy all of the contents of the WSE rar into your Warband folder. As of writing this, the version you'll probably want to install is WSE for Warband version 1.174.
NOTE: You may need to find another exectuable depending on the version of the game you have installed, and the mods you want to play.

Launch Script

Now that everything is installed, let's quickly setup a script to run warband so you can easily play it whenever you want. If you use a tiling wm like i3 or dwm with dmenu this makes it really easy to quickly launch the game. Make sure you're in the Warband directory before you execute the following:

vim warband.sh

Then with the file open, add the following (replacing $pathtowarband with the file path to your warband folder).

#! /bin/sh
wine /$pathtowarband/WSELoader.exe

Now all we have to do is add it to our path via soft link. I like to keep it in my /usr/local/bin directory. To do this execute the following:

sudo ln -s /$pathtowarband/warband.sh /usr/local/bin/warband

Now whenever you want to play Warband with WSE, you can simply open a terminal and run:


Or, you can use ROFI or dmenu to run it.

Hopefully that helps a few people, it took me a while to figure it out because of the d3dx9 thing, but besides that it wasn't too bad. Thanks for reading, and keep on keeping on.

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