My Verdict on MacOS


MacOS is definitely not my favorite operating system. Linux and OpenBSD still hold the tie for me, however, recently I have needed to use MacOS in my studies, and soon in my job. This covers my experience and thoughts regarding MacOS.

How is it?

It's...good? MacOS to me feels like it wants to be Linux, which is refreshing compared to something like Windows. However, it lacks the control that I would have on a Linux machine which is the main draw back for me as a user. Obviously, MacOS is closed source so it's really hard for me "love" the operating system, but looking past its proprietary nature, its feature set is decent.

First off it looks good. Font scaling and anti aliasing is excellent, just like on Linux. The MacOS exclusive fonts also, all look pretty nice, especially with anti aliasing. It looks great out of the box, similar to GNOME for Linux but a little more fancy. However, the resource draw while idling is absolutely unacceptable. 4380MB of ram idling on the desktop, what the hell?

Secondly, its fairly usable. Having a POSIX shell on your OS is literally the biggest factor for me to even try your OS. I will never touch Windows again (willingly) for this very reason, but...PowerShell is POSIX! Probably, but its the farthest thing from usable. I like the choice between zsh and bash, personally I have just stuck with zsh. Once you install homebrew, the system basically functions as a neutered BSD. The only usability draw back I have is the absolute state of this demonic application called "Finder". What the hell was Apple thinking, as soon as I saw how this "File Manager" worked, I instantly installed Ranger. The default terminal for MacOS is a piece of trash as well, currently I'm using iTerm2 instead, iTerm should definitely come pre-rolled, or Apple should build a new terminal if they plan to make the best "It just works" operating system.

Thirdly, getting up and running was very simple. I grabbed my dotfiles from git, and dispersed them to where they were needed. Since MacOS is a version of Unix, it was a breeze to be honest to set everything up, the biggest draw back though, is the requirement to install xcode for a few environments I need to work on. It just seems so bloated to have to install an IDE I will never use, just for the utilities that it provides.


I don't mind MacOS. It's a fine operating system for development, but it sorely lacks some of the features that Linux has, and Linux' customizability. Personally, given the option I will only use Linux, but if my hand is forced I wouldn't hate to use MacOS as a daily driver (which might happen soon). I would place it in my "Operating System Tier List" somewhere higher ranking than Windows, but definitely lower than BSD and Linux, something like:

  1. Linux
  2. OpenBSD
  3. TempleOS
  4. FreeBSD
  5. MacOS
  6. Windows
    1. If Apple was to open source MacOS, personally, it would move up for me, but as it stands I can't consider it better than any FOSS operating systems. Thanks for reading, keep on keeping on :)

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