The Site Rework

Welcome to rawley.xyz mk 2, I announced this back on the Go version of the site about a month and a half ago. This new version of the site has been live for a few weeks, and seems to be running fine now (which is why I hesitated to make this post for a little bit).

The New and Improved Stack

The previous site was running a MySQL database (a tad over kill), Go with Gin and GORM, at the time I was fairly interested in Go, and I had a good bit of fun building and deploying it. However, as time progressed I began to fall more and more in love with functional programming, I decided that eventually I would re-write the site in something functional. I have a good bit of experience with Clojure, and I originally devised a plan to deploy the site in Clojure but around that same time I began to dable in OCaml. I found OCaml very interesting, it‘s powerful type system and ML semantics made it very enjoyable to write. So much so that I ended up re-writing my site during a paid day of learning at work. Which means, the HTML document you‘re reading right now was generated by OCaml using the Dream framework. I also switched the servers database to use a simple SQLite database, and completley ditched Docker, too much work. Simplifying the site will in turn allow me to hack on it easier, and allow me to focus more on blog posts.

What About the Old Posts?

You may have noticed that the old blog posts are gone. Sadly, I migrated the server to Debian 11 and the old blog posts were accidentally overwritten/lost. I was certain they were being backed up, and also that I had a copy of them on a physical USB drive, but alas, they are lost to the digital ages. I plan to write a simple script to stop this from happening again (the script will simply crawl my blog posts every hour and make copies of them).

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the new site.

Quote of the Week: I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man‘s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create. -- William Blake